Can Ducks Eat Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit, also known as pitahaya, is not a sort of fruit you (and your ducks) see every day.

Did you know that this tropical fruit comes from the cactus family? Neither the I, but more importantly, your ducks can eat dragon fruit.

This exotic fruit is rich in calcium, magnesium, and minerals, which means better eggs with a stronger shell. However, you should take it easy because this fruit (as any other fruit) is full of sugar.

What Exactly is Dragon Fruit?

As you probably noticed, the Dragon fruit is one exotic tropical fruit native to Central America.

Some people are comparing the taste with kiwi fruit and pears; I would say because of the black and crunchy seeds, it reminds me of kiwi more.

The pink color, green scales, and white flesh with tiny black seeds make dragon fruit gorgeous.

Not only will your ducks enjoy this fruit, but you will also give them an excellent source of fiber and nutrients.

And improve your duck’s gut health in general.

Types of Dragon Fruits

You might come across different subtypes and varieties, but these are three basic types based on skin and flesh color you can find:

  • White Dragon Fruit or Selenicereus undatus has pink skin, and you will notice white flesh inside
  • Red Dragon Fruit or Selenicereus costaricensis has red skin, and you will see red flesh inside.
  • Yellow Dragon Fruit or Selenicereus megalanthus has yellow skin and delicious white flesh.

Is Dragon Fruit Good for Your Ducks?

Remember, fruit is not the perfect food for your ducks. Look at it as an occasional snack – nothing more than that.

Numerous studies on mice and rats showed this fruit improved their health.

However, I wouldn’t say this is the healthiest fruit in the world.

Knowing that this fruit is full of sugar, and some people and pets can develop an allergic reaction to dragon fruit.

Essentially, with a few bites from time to time, dragon fruit will have a positive effect on your ducks.

How to Feed Dragon Fruit to Ducks?

When you first introduce your ducks to some new exotic fruit like dragon fruit, you must be sure that they eat just a few bites first.

You don’t want to give all your ducks a whole bucket of this fruit. Go easy, and cut this fruit into tiny pieces.

Some pet owners notice allergic reactions when introducing new food to their pets. Ducks are no different.

You never know what can cause some problems. Even if your ducks fall in love with dragon fruit, always offer it to your duck as an occasional snack.

What Are Some Less Exotic Alternatives?

If you don’t want to risk it with a new kind of fruit, you can always give them berries, sunflower seeds, grapes, or bananas.

A single feeding of any fruit won’t hurt, but you need to know that it adds up.

So, no more than 10% of duck diets is the golden rule when discussing fruit.

Also, avoid citrus fruit like lemons, limes, grapefruit, and oranges because this fruit can cause severe stomach upset.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we all know that ducks are perfectly capable of foraging around for worms and insects on their own.

And they like eating specially formulated duck food. However, from time to time, your ducks deserve a new delicious snack.

And, if you don’t go overboard, your ducks can eat a few bites of dragon fruit.