Can Ducks Eat Pistachios?

Even though pistachios are low in sugar and a good source of protein, this nut is not the perfect snack for your feathered friend.

However, your ducks can eat pistachios if you remove the shells. Also, make sure to crush them because ducks can swallow the entire nut easily.

Prevent a choking hazard, remove shells, crush pistachios and watch them enjoy.

Will Your Ducks Eat Pistachios?

Of course they will. I asked my neighbor the same question last week.

And then my neighbor told me: “Pistachios are nuts, and ducks are birds.”

Plus, they will eat almost anything they see you are chewing. So make sure they don’t overeat.

Before they attack your hands full of pistachios, remove the shell and crush pistachios into little pieces.

Also, make sure that you remember how many nuts your ducks eat. I never give more than 2-3 nuts per duck. Don’t forget that there is no flavor, especially salt.

Health Benefits of Pistachios for Ducks

Pistachios will give your ducks highly needed fiber, unsaturated fat, and protein, but only if you have limits.

In case you give them large quantities often, your ducks will become overweight with high chances of heart problems down the road.

So, giving pistachios to ducks 1-2 times per week won’t hurt, but focus on offering more healthy food to your loving ducks.

As I mentioned, not the most healthy snack for your ducks, but if you give 2 or 3 pistachios to your duck, it won’t hurt.

Just make sure that does not become your habit because there are many other healthier vegetables or fruit your ducks can eat.

If you want to feed them and spoil your favorite duck, give them grapes, peas, or an apple as an occasional snack. They will love it!

Can Ducks Eat Salted Pistachios? (Or Roasted)

Roasted yes! But do not feed your ducks salted pistachios.

No matter what food we talk about – salty (or processed) food is not suitable for ducks.

If you notice that pistachios are a bit salted, avoid giving them to your ducks even if you must eat the entire pistachio bag.

And if you see that few pistachios are roasted too much, throw them away.

What About Pistachios Shells?

Some people will argue that the pistachios shell is a pretty good source of calcium.

As you probably guess… your ducks will have healthier eggs. However, it would be best if you crushed them nicely.

And make sure your ducks don’t overeat. I would skip that altogether; too big of a risk if you ask me.

Tips for Feeding Pistachios to Ducks

So here are final tips on how to feed pistachios to ducks safely:

  • Remove shells from pistachios
  • Make sure there is no salt or any other flavors
  • Crush them into tiny pieces
  • Limit to 2-3 pistachios per duck

And don’t forget to throw shells away. Don’t let your ducks find that choking hazard.


Your ducks can eat pistachios.

However, I suggest you set the limits and avoid giving them salty or moldy pistachios. Also, don’t forget to throw shells away.

As a final point, focus on giving your ducks healthier food like corn or peas, and leave snacks (like peanuts and pistachios) for special occasions.