Can Ducks Eat Apples?

As a duck owner, you want to give your ducks the best possible meal.

Many fruits make a great addition to your duck’s diet, but you may have questions about what types are best.

So can ducks eat apples?

Yes, ducks can eat apples, but there are certain restrictions to what kinds and how they must be prepared to keep your ducks safe.

Are Apples Nutritious for Ducks?

Apples provide water and nutrients, but there are a few things to be aware of before you start feeding this fruit to your ducks.

Keep In Mind – The seeds of apples contain cyanide, which is toxic to ducks and when consumed in large quantities may result in illness or death.

If you are going to feed your ducks apples, cut out the seeds to avoid accidental poisoning.

Don’t count on your duck instinctively avoiding the seeds—ducks can’t detect the poison within and will eat the seeds.

Apples are also very hard fruits that are difficult for a duck to eat, even when cut into slivers.

Works Best – The best way to serve apples is in a mashed or finely chopped form. That way the apples won’t get caught in your duck’s throat and cause choking or pain.

Just like many other sugary fruits, ducks should also not eat apples as the sole component of their diet.

It’s a good treat every once in a while, but it shouldn’t be all they eat due to the high sugar content.

Ducks can eat apples but be sure to prepare the apples correctly to prevent harm to your ducks.

Can Wild Ducks Eat Apples?

Yes, wild ducks can enjoy apples.

However, if you are going to provide a snack to your local pond ducks, it may be easier and more nutritious to offer another fresh fruit.

Some alternatives include strawberries and grapes, which wild ducks love.

Can Ducks Eat Green Apples?

Yes, ducks can eat green apples, but the same requirements for preparing the apples should be followed.

Green apples provide a similar nutritional content with a slightly different taste, and they are safe to feed to your ducks.

Can Ducks Eat Crab Apples?

Yes, ducks can eat crabapples, but in small quantities.

Very large amounts of crabapples have been known to cause poisoning in larger livestock, and it is unlikely your ducks are capable of consuming this much in one sitting, but it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Apples?

It is best to not feed apples to ducklings.

The high sugar content combined with the possibility for choking on a peel or eating a poisonous seed make this a poor choice for growing baby ducks.

If you want to feed them a snack, try strawberries, a duckling favorite and a safer apple alternative.

The Bottom Line

If you want to give your ducks apples, it’s best to be cautious.

Yes, ducks can eat apples, but remember they require special preparation so your flock can enjoy them safely.