Can Ducks Eat Peas?

Ducks can eat peas, and in fact, many ducks love them! Peas are a healthy treat for ducks, providing them with vitamins and nutrients.

Green peas on a white plate on the table
Ducks can eat peas, even frozen. Just thaw and serve, or place them in water for the ducks to enjoy.

Moderation Is the Key

While feeding your flock, keep in mind that peas also contain more sugar than most vegetables, so peas should be fed in moderation.

Keep In Mind – Too much sugar in your ducks’ diets can lead to health problems like excessive weight gain.

Curious what peas are safe to feed your ducks and how you should prepare them?

Check the list below to find out what your ducks can and cannot eat.

Can Ducks Eat Frozen Peas?

Technically, yes—but it is a lot easier for ducks to digest and enjoy the flavor of thawed peas.

It is best to thaw or cook your peas to increase their flavor and nutritional value.

Plus, ducks are a lot more eager to eat thawed peas than frozen ones.

Can Ducks Eat Dried Peas?

Yes, but it is best to cook them so they are easier to digest.

Adding water and soaking the peas before feeding the ducks is recommended to ensure your ducks can eat safely.

Can Ducks Eat Split Peas?

Wondering can ducks eat dried split peas?

Yes, but the way dried split peas are prepared may take away from the nutritional value of their snack, so it is best to prepare them cooked or raw.

Can Ducks Eat Canned Peas?

Yes, ducks can eat canned peas.

Always Good Idea – Be sure to check the label of the peas for added sugar or salt, which could be unhealthy to feed to your ducks.

When purchasing canned peas for your ducks, check the nutrition label for low amounts of sodium and added sugar and only purchase peas with few additives.

Can Ducks Eat Snap Peas?

Yes, but to make sure your ducks don’t have any issues with digesting them, it’s best to boil them first.

Ducks can eat sugar snap peas and they even enjoy the protein-rich leaves and shoots, which provide an extra boost of fiber as well.

Can Ducks Eat Snow Peas?

Snow peas are very similar to sugar snap peas and have similar nutritional content and taste.

Yes, ducks can eat snow peas. Boiling them first is the best method for preparing them for ducks.

Can Ducks Eat Black-eyed Peas?

Yes, but only if they are cooked.

Raw black-eyed peas may contain toxins that can harm ducks, so be sure to cook the peas thoroughly before feeding your flock.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Peas?

While adult ducks love peas and can eat them safely, baby ducks should not be fed peas until they are older. No, ducklings cannot eat peas.