Can Ducks Eat Marigolds?

Did you know that people used Marigold flowers in ancient cultures to make oil that healed wounds more quickly and even prevented infections?

Benefits are numerous, but if you want to find out if your ducks can eat Marigolds, read further.

If Marigolds are grown organically without commercial fertilizers and pesticides, your ducks can eat this herb with attractive yellow, orange, or red flowers.

You can feed your ducks fresh or dried Marigolds.

What Are Marigolds

Marigolds grow naturally in the United States, and there are over 50 different types of this flower.

Most common ones are:

  • Calendula officinalis (pot marigold)
  • Tagetes erecta (Mexican Marigold)
  • Tagetes patula (French marigold)

Also, you can expect Marigold to grow in almost any soil.

The good news is that if you want to bring this flower into your duck’s diet, this won’t be a trouble. You could grow Marigolds easily in your backyard.

Take a look at the benefits of this plant and the main reasons why you might want to introduce some variety into the food you give to your feathered friends.

Benefits of Marigolds for Ducks

Ducks will produce more yellow-orange eggs.

In the United States, orange/yellow carotenoid lutein powder (extracted from Marigolds) is used as colorants in poultry feed.

In the European Union, it is used even as a food color for pasta, dairy products, and more…

However, we recommend giving your ducks a fresh plant if you want your ducks to have more orange eggs. We suggest avoiding powder.

Marigolds are also good for the immune system and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Interestingly, this unique flower will also promote the growth of new skin tissue.

As a bonus, Marigolds work well if you want to naturally get rid of mosquitoes and other insects.

How to Feed Your Ducks with Marigolds

First, we all need to stop feeding ducks too much of anything.

Specially formulated duck food is a must, and everything else you should consider as an occasional snack – Marigolds included.

You can feed them fresh Marigold if your ducks become attracted to the lovely color.

If your ducks are too picky, you can use dried Marigold and try to cut them into smaller pieces and mix them with layer pellets.

Your ducks will appreciate the new fragrance and, as a bonus, you will improve the color of their eggs.

Final Words

Your ducks will probably eat Marigolds.

There are no known side effects, but if you notice your ducks are crazy about this flower, set limitations and give them few flowers at the time.

Marigold flowers will work as a natural antibiotic and can prevent diseases, slow aging, and keep your ducks healthy.