Can Ducks Eat Lavender?

Lavender health benefits are known all over the world. Many cultures considered this flowering plant a holy herb.

And if you give your ducks lavender, you will improve their health significantly. Your ducks can’t solely live on this unique plant, but you should know that ducks can eat lavender.

Feeding them in moderation is the key, and don’t forget high protein food, but occasionally, you can feed them lavender.

Lavender Health Benefits

I don’t know even where to start with this one.

Lavender has a positive impact on blood pressure and heart. It will combat fungus and even keep them relaxed.

They will sleep better and enjoy the smell if you have lavender around. Not to mention lavender’s positive impact on the digestive system and antibacterial properties.

Also, this plant is beneficial to laying and sitting ducks because it will keep stress levels in your loving ducks pretty low.

What About Lavender Leaves and Flowers?

Please don’t feed your ducks too much, but you can give them leaves, flowers, and other parts.

Why am I telling you that?

Well, Linalool is a chemical component in this plant that works excellent as an insect repellent, but it’s not too great for your ducks if they overeat lavender.

They can feel sick. So, as an occasional snack – perfect, but no more than 10% of their entire diet.

Other Benefits of Lavender for Your Ducks

As I mentioned above, lavender is excellent as an insect repellent.

It will even keep mice away. These little nightmares hate the lavender scent.

So growing a lavender bush near your duck will be perfect.

And from time to time, you can treat your ducks with few branches.

How to Feed Lavender to Ducks

One thing is for sure; lavender is a great addition to most duck’s diets.

You need to set some limitations if you notice that your ducks have an entire bush in front of them and can’t have enough of this plant.

You have two options.

Let your ducks eat on their own from the bush, or pick a few branches and give it to them.

Wash it thoroughly, and you can mix it with quality commercial feeds. If you have many curious little ducks (and starving), they will destroy the entire bush.

In that case, you want to keep an eye on your ducks. Remember, too much of anything that is not real food will make them feel sick.

That includes vegetables, fruits, and other snacks.

Final Words

Your ducks can eat lavender; however, you should feed your ducks occasionally.

Remember that the lavender you give them is washed, mixed with commercial feed, or even chopped if you prefer it that way.

It will definitely improve your duck’s health and keep them relaxed. But don’t forget to set the limits and consider this plant as an occasional snack.