Can Ducks Eat Grapefruit?

Did you know that the grapefruit’s original name was “the forbidden fruit”?

Does that have anything with the fact that this fruit is not good for ducks? Probably not, but here is what you should know.

While citrus fruits, like grapefruit, contain lots of nutrients and vitamins, this fruit is not safe for ducks.

Why My Ducks Shouldn’t Eat Grapefruit?

Ducks should not eat grapefruit because it can cause acid reflux in duck stomach.

Plus, grapefruit negatively impacts calcium absorption in the duck’s body, meaning your ducks will have eggs with thick shells and bone development problems.

Not only grapefruit, but you should also stop giving them citrus fruits altogether.

Grapefruit Is a Citrus Fruit

The most common citrus fruits are lemons, oranges, and limes, but there are more than 30 citrus fruits you should not give your ducks.

Even though your ducks eat a few pieces of grapefruit that won’t kill them, don’t worry. It is not poisonous.

But speaking long term, citrus fruits can lead to serious health consequences.

Knowing how grapefruit (and citrus fruits) are healthy for us, it can be confusing for people to understand why this fruit is terrible for our ducks.

All Types of Grapefruits Are Bad for Ducks

Don’t feed your ducks no matter what type of grapefruits you have.

Some people noticed that few types have a sweeter taste and assumed that could be better for ducks, but that is not true.

No grapefruit is suitable for your duck’s health.

Here is the list of some types you can find:

  • Red grapefruit – red flesh, orange skin
  • White grapefruit – yellow flesh and skin (look like lemon)
  • Pink grapefruit – pink flesh, orange skin
  • Star Ruby grapefruit – dark red flesh, orange/yellow skin
  • Sweeties grapefruit – yellow flesh/green skin
  • Oro Blanco grapefruit – yellow flesh and thick greenish/yellow skin
  • Melogold grapefruit – yellow flesh and skin
  • Lavender Gem grapefruit – dark red flesh, yellow/orange skin
  • Duncan grapefruit – bright yellow flesh, yellow skin
  • Thompson grapefruit – yellow flesh, yellow skin

Also, remember that grapefruit ripens from green to bright yellow/orange.

Keep in mind that green does not indicate ripeness with every grapefruit type.

The best practice is to skip giving this fruit (citrus fruits) to your ducks, even if you notice that some varieties are pretty sweet.

Can Ducks Eat Grapefruit Peels?

As you probably know, the fruit peel is a barrier that slows pesticide absorption.

That is why peel is there in the first place – to protect the meat inside.

Most likely grapefruit you have is coming from who knows where, and pesticides are our reality whether we want it or not.

So, as much as possible, skip giving your ducks grapefruit peels. And skip giving your ducks peels from any other fruit or vegetable.

If you’re growing your vegetable or fruit, or you are getting vegetable or fruit from someone local, that can be relatively safer.

However, grapefruit peels are not safe for ducks in any case.

Alternatives to Consider

You can give your ducks apples, pears, or even grapes if you want to provide them with something besides everyday duck feed pellets.

I understand that sometimes they deserve a treat, and we all want to see their reaction when tasting something new.

But grapefruit is not the food for them. So, try what I mentioned above, or even give a watermelon or bananas a try.

They will love it, and it is suitable for their development. But remember, as an occasional treat, not to replace specially formulated food.

Final Words

If you enjoy feeding your ducks as much as I do, you will give them (unconsciously) something bad from time to time. But now you know that ducks should not eat grapefruit.

Peels, grapefruit pulp, and flesh are all terrible for your duck’s development. It will cause acid reflux and interfere with calcium absorption in their bodies.