Can Ducks Eat Lemons?

Ducks shouldn’t eat lemons.

While we all know that lemons are an excellent source of vitamins, you should avoid giving lemons to your ducks.

At all costs, steer clear from feeding your ducks this citrus fruit.

Health Concerns Of Lemons for Ducks

Now, when you know that ducks should not eat lemons – you will learn why.

Lemon is not deadly or poisoning ducks.

Citrus fruit negatively impacts calcium absorption, meaning your duck will have weaker bones and eggs with a thin shell.

And that is not the end of bad news.

You know the taste of lemon.

That can make your ducks feel sick. Your duck will feel stomach pain, and its throat can become sore.

Did You Know? – Strawberries and kiwifruit have more vitamin C than lemon. And when it comes to vegetables and plants, parsley and kale have more vitamin C than lemon.

So, lemon should be avoided no matter what.

There is no excuse to risk your duck’s health.

The only thing lemon has to offer is vitamin C, but as you just learned – there are far better options.

What About Vitamin C My Ducks Need?

Good question.

Lemon is full of vitamin C, and your ducks need it.

However, as mentioned above, that fruit is simply bad for ducks.

Vitamin C you can find in apples, pineapples, or strawberries.

These fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C.

And what’s more important – these fruits are safer for our little feathered friends.

Duck-Friendly Snacks You Can Give Instead

The few fruits I mentioned above are the best things to give them if you want to provide vitamin C.

However, there are a ton of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit you can give them.

Some treats you can give your ducks are cabbage, lettuce, or peas. Ducks are crazy about peas.

Maybe you have some rice, corn, or oats. Also, birdseed, flaxseed, or sunflower seed is a lovely delicacy for them.

And always remember, snacks should be only 10% of a duck’s daily diet. Remember, 90% of their daily diet should be duck feed pellets.

Final Words

Your ducks won’t appreciate the sour taste of this citrus fruit.

Plus, it can lead to health problems and discomforts in your duck’s stomach and throat.

Now that you know that ducks should not eat lemon treat them with some other piece of fruit they can enjoy safely.