Can Ducks Eat Rice?

As any duck owner will tell you, grains and carbs are an important part of a duck’s diet.

So can ducks eat rice? The answer is yes, but there are certain ways of preparing rice that are best for your duck’s health and safety.

raw rice on a white plate on a table
Ducks can eat rice, but it’s best served cooked without additives.

What types of rice are safe for a duck to consume, and what is the benefit?

Read on to find out more about the types of rice your flock can safely enjoy.

Nutritional Value of Rice for Ducks

Rice is great for ducks because of its high amounts of carbohydrates and protein, both vital parts of a balanced duck diet.

Since rice is small and easily scattered, it makes a great snack for ducks and mimics their natural diet.

Can Ducks Eat Uncooked Rice?

Can ducks eat raw rice? Yes, ducks love both cooked and uncooked rice!

Uncooked rice is an easy and fast choice that requires no preparation before serving to your flock.

However, too much uncooked rice can react with water in your duck’s stomach and cause your ducks to feel ill.

It’s best to scatter rice in small amounts to monitor your ducks’ reactions rather than leave a large bowl unattended- ducks may be tempted to overeat.

Can Ducks Eat Cooked Rice?

Yes, ducks can eat cooked rice.

Just like with uncooked rice, make sure to limit how much your ducks eat.

Your flock may be tempted to eat too much if left with a lot of rice, and this can cause discomfort and stomach problems.

Can Ducks Eat White Rice?

Yes, ducks can eat white rice, although a healthier option would be brown rice.

Many types of white rice are heavily processed, while brown rice is more natural and will provide more nutrients to your ducks.

Can Ducks Eat Brown Rice?

Yes, ducks love brown rice!

Between white and brown rice, brown is the healthiest and most natural grain for your duck to enjoy.

Can Ducks Eat Rice Krispies?

Even though the word “rice” is in the title of this cereal, ducks should not eat Rice Krispies.

No, ducks cannot eat Rice Krispies.

These treats contain a high level of sugar and provide no nutritional value to your duck.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Rice?

While this is a great treat for older ducks, ducklings should not eat rice.

No, baby ducks cannot eat rice.

A duckling’s body is too small to eat rice, and if the rice expands slightly in their stomachs, they don’t have as much room in their digestive system as adult ducks do and could experience stomach pain or injury.

It’s best to wait until a duck’s body is big enough to handle rice—several week-old ducks may be able to handle small portions of rice.

The Bottom Line

Yes, ducks can eat rice.

Remember to be careful about feeding large portions of uncooked rice to your flock, since rice can expand slightly, and to only give rice snacks to adult ducks.

Rice is a great nutritious food and ducks will love this healthy snack!