Can Ducks Eat Safflower Seeds?

Not only your ducks can eat safflower seeds, but they will also get needed fat, protein, vitamins, and, in general, a more balanced diet.

In 100gr (3.5oz) safflower seeds, there is 38g fat, 683mg potassium, protein 16gr, iron, and calcium that will boost the health of your ducks and give them nicer feathers, stronger bones, and healthier eggs.

However, if consumed too much, the fat can add up.

So read more to find out everything before you start feeding safflower seeds to your ducks.

What Are Safflower Seeds?

Safflower seeds are not so well known seeds as sunflower seeds.

Safflower seeds come from a beautiful safflower plant with attractive, colorful blooms you can’t see everywhere.

It can grow in North America, Mexico, and even China, but what’s important is that these plants like areas that receive less than 10 inches of rainfall yearly.

Some people think that sunflower and safflower seeds are the same.

Even though these two plants belong to the same family (Asteraceae), you can see pretty apparent differences.

Sunflower has a round disc, and safflower has irregular petals spreading around.

Also, safflower is usually red or orange, with a difference in seed color, height, and flavor.

Are Safflower Seeds Good for Ducks?

The safflower plant is grown for its oil that is extracted from seeds.

And dried safflower petals that people are using for making tea.

But can ducks eat safflower seeds safely?

You can find safflower seeds as part of seed mixes people give to backyard birds.

In tiny doses, safflower seeds are nutritional, and your ducks will get needed protein, fiber, and healthy fat.

Safflower seeds are a nutritious addition to the diet of ducks.

How Much & How to Feed Ducks Safflower Seeds?

A handful of safflower seeds once in a while is okay.

You can give your ducks whole safflower seeds, but breaking seeds into smaller pieces is a better idea simply because it’s easier for ducks to digest them.

You can mix it with primary duck feed, and you should do it in moderation.

Mixing is the best way of feeding your ducks because they can become bored with a specific type of food.

Seeds are not as fun as seasonal watermelon for ducks.

You know how much ducks like having fun with watermelon or other seasonal food.

But if you feed them the same seed repeatedly, they might start ignoring the food.

So mix it with sunflower seeds, duck pellet, or other foods you have been using lately.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Safflower Seeds

Any seeds contain fat, so it’s best not to give your ducks too much safflower seeds as long as they are four weeks.

You can mix a little bit with the basic feed made for ducklings, but pay attention not to overdo it.

Also, try to chop them a bit. Seeds should be ground first if you want to help your ducklings with digestion.

Final Words

As we all know, ducks are not so good at chewing, so try to crush seeds before you feed them if you take a chance.

Of course, ducks can eat safflower seeds, but that way, you will help them with digestion, and they will use all nutrients from these healthy seeds.