Can Ducks Eat Sesame Seeds?

The nutritional value of sesame seeds is an excellent match for the needs of ducks in general.

And, yes, your ducks can eat sesame seeds.

Unfortunately, they are rich in fat, so you should be careful. Giving them sprouted sesame seeds is the best bet.

That way, the fat percentage is lower, and your ducks will get more nutrients than they would get from dry sesame seeds.

What Are Sesame Seeds?

The annual Sesame plant comes from Africa and India and is widely grown for its delicious and edible seeds.

It is common in almost any cuisine in the world, and that place earned rich and specific flavor that is not only attractive to us.

Our ducks love that rich flavor too.

According to history books, sesame seed is one of the oldest oilseed crops known to people worldwide.

Some sources claim that sesame seed was known over 3,000 years ago. Now, speculations or not, enough about the history.

Let’s find out why sesame seeds are good for our ducks.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds for Ducks

From 100gr of sesame seeds (or 3.5oz), your ducks will get:

  • 50% fat (similar as sunflower seeds)
  • 12% fiber
  • and 18% protein

As you can conclude, giving too much sesame seeds to your ducks is not a great idea.

Mixing a small amount of sesame seeds with your duck’s feed will positively affect the duck’s blood pressure and reduce stress.

However, a high fat percentage can lead to health consequences if you overdo it.

Also, remember that sesame seeds are rich in vitamins (niacin, thiamine, folate), minerals (calcium, iron, zinc), and antioxidants.

Plus – Sesame seeds are an excellent fiber source. All in all, sesame seeds will provide everything your ducks need to survive.

The only downside to remember is that this seed, like sunflower and chia seed, is alarmingly high in fat.

How Much & How Often to Feed Ducks Sesame Seeds

You can mix a handful of sesame seeds with duck feed will be enough.

Also, there is no need to feed your ducks sesame seeds daily. A few times per week will be sufficient.

Focus on giving them special duck feed; everything else should be offered as a treat. You should never feed your ducks with sesame seeds alone.

Can Ducklings Eat Sesame Seeds?

Keep your baby feathered friends happy and healthy, and only give them special duckling feed.

Avoid experimenting too much with snacks and food that has too much fat.

Yes, sesame seeds can improve their overall health, but giving them too much seeds that contain that much fat can negatively affect them.

So, if you can give them in moderation, go ahead. But keep in mind that ducklings need niacin and high protein food.

Not so much seeds like sesame seeds that is high in fat.

Final Words

Sesame seeds are a good source of many minerals and vitamins and will positively impact their digestive system and well-being.

So, you can feed your ducks sesame seeds in moderation.

The main reason you need to take it easy is the high value of fat that (in large amounts) is terrible for your duck’s health.