Can Ducks Eat Flax Seeds?

Ducks can eat flax seeds, and the best way is to combine them with other seeds, grains, or specially formulated duck feed.

However, read more to learn the benefits and disadvantages in case you give them too much.

What Are Flax Seeds?

Flax seeds come from flowering flax plants growing well equally in tropical and polar locations.

It is an adaptive plant that produces flax seeds packed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Thiamine, magnesium, and phosphorus, to name a few.

Also, in 100gr (3.5oz), your ducks will get around:

  • 42% fat
  • 18% protein
  • 27% fiber

Even though it is a healthy seed for ducks, it can lead to health consequences if you overdo it.

That’s because, in flax seeds, there is a small amount of cyanogenic glycoside that is not too bad, but in large amounts, it can be a problem for your duck’s health (liver in particular).

Flax Seeds Benefits for Ducks

You should know that this seed is healthy; however, it is not magic. No magic food will cure, improve or solve any health issue.

More important is to make the right choices (every day) when it comes to diet and feeding your ducks.

Use proper duck feed, avoid giving them more than a few snacks a week (I mean fruit and vegetables), and always serve them clean food and water.

In General – Flax seed is used with one goal, to improve the production of eggs.

In this seed, a lot of omega-3 fatty acids are good for your duck’s health and help prevent constipation, diabetes, heart issues, and other conditions.

If you give them occasionally flax seeds, you can expect healthier ducks running around your garden. As you probably know, Chia seeds are also good but lot more expensive.

It will increase the mass bones of your ducks. And it helps in preventing skeletal problems in the future.

How Much Can Flax Seeds Ducks Eat?

Duck food that you are buying is the best for their development.

Sometimes, you can give them flax seed. The best amount is up to 10% of their usual feed.

Know that anything more than that can change the taste of the meat. Also, the taste of the eggs can significantly change.

You can mix one tablespoon of flax seed with your duck feed a few times per week.

Several studies like this one showed that feeding too much flax seeds is actually not beneficial for gaining weight and health in general.

In the study, they divided 792 Pekin ducks (12 days old) into four groups, and they were feeding ducks with flax seeds from 10 to 30 days, depending on the group.

Results showed that feeding ducks with these seeds for more than ten days was actually counterproductive.

How to Feed Your Ducks Flax Seeds?

You can mix flax seed with duck feed if you notice they don’t like it.

Keep in mind that flax seeds will oxidate if exposed to air.

So, keep these seeds in a closed container, and ensure they will eat them as soon as you give them. Also, you can crush the seeds before, if you prefer.

Baby Ducks and Flax Seeds

You shouldn’t be giving baby ducks too much flax seeds.

Special feed for ducklings is mandatory, but you can mix a small amount with basic feed once or twice per week.

You should also avoid giving them too many snacks, vegetables, and fruits.

The main reason behind this; it will fill your ducklings with sugar, and they won’t be able to eat proper feed for ducklings.

Final Words

Flax seed is suitable for your ducks as long as you pay attention not to give them more than 10% of their regular diet.

The main reason is that this seed can fill them up, and then they don’t eat food grains and other food that is better for them.

They can miss these nutrients, which will negatively affect their health. Also, if you give them too much, their eggs and meat taste will also change.