Can Ducks Eat Rosemary?

All pet ducks should be given only pelleted duck food, grit, and fresh greens, like lettuce or cabbage.

And occasionally, almost any treats are allowed. Ducks can eat rosemary, but given that this plant has a pretty intense flavor, there is a slight chance that some of your ducks won’t like it.

Before We Start

You can chop it into tiny pieces, remove the rosemary stalk and mix it with duck feed.

That way, they will digest it more quickly and won’t be struggling with leaves.

Also, the strong flavor can cause stomach upset if given too much.

Read on to find out all you need to know before serving rosemary to your ducks.

What Is Rosemary?

Rosemary or Salvia Rosmarinus is a fragrant perennial plant from the Mediterranean.

It comes from the Lamiaceae family, like other herbs like basil, lavender, and oregano.

And in ancient times, rosemary was grown for its medicinal purposes.

However, if you have ever felt this scent, you will understand why chefs worldwide have been using rosemary to flavor various meals.

Plus – Shrubs look pretty nice, and that’s why rosemary is also used as a decorative plant in backyards. And it is not so hard to grow a rosemary in the backyard. You can learn how.

Health Benefits of Rosemary for Ducks

Fragrant rosemary is an excellent source of thiamin, folate, and niacin.

No sugars and almost no fat and protein.

However, it is also a good source of calcium and iron.

A small portion can improve:

  • duck’s blood circulation
  • digestion
  • and immune system

This plant is rich in antioxidants, meaning you will protect ducks from free radicals and other harmful particles.

Even if your ducks don’t like this taste, you can have a rosemary shrub near them to protect them from pests, bugs, and rodents like squirrels and rats.

The scent is strong, and this fragrant herb can repel unwelcomed guests.

Do Ducks Like to Eat Rosemary?

I wouldn’t say rosemary is on the top of the ducks’ list.

It would be best if you tried giving them a little to see. If they are hungry, they will eat anything.

Try to mix a bit of rosemary with their feed to see what happens.

On the other hand, when ducks are not hungry, the strong taste might push them away.

Try This – Wait until they are hungry. Your ducks will quack louder than usual, and if they don’t like the taste of rosemary, you know which ducks prefer this flavor and which don’t.

How Much Rosemary Is Enough for Ducks?

Just 1-2 rosemary branches are enough for one duck to feel the aroma and get healthy nutrients.

You can also chop the rosemary before you serve them. They can’t chew it.

Discard the rosemary stalk or chop it well. Don’t just let them struggle with swallowing.

You can mix a tablespoon of dried rosemary to spicy their feed if you want.

Also, remember that they need access to water while eating, especially if you are giving them a new type of food.

The taste is strong, and you don’t want them to overeat it.

What Other Plants Do Ducks Like?

Eating all kinds of food is essential for their health.

Focusing on a balanced diet is crucial, and treats should only make 10 to 20% of the duck diet.

With that in mind, some fantastic immune-boosting plants are:

However, feed them in moderation and prepare all the plants well so they can eat and digest them more easily.

You don’t want any food to become a choking hazard for your ducks.

Final Thoughts

From a nutritional point of view, eating a wide variety of plants regularly in the duck’s diet is essential.

Rosemary is one of them. Not only ducks can eat rosemary, but also anti-inflammatory properties and numerous vitamins and minerals from this fragrant plant will keep them healthier.

However, some ducks refuse to eat rosemary, even when hungry.

So, if you notice some of your ducks are picky, offer them some other plants as a snack.