Can Ducks Eat Dandelions?

Ducks can and will eat dandelions with excitement. However, if your backyard has been treated with pesticides or fertilizers lately, don’t let ducks roam around that lawn.

Even if your yard is not treated, it’s always a good idea to wash plants (if possible) we are giving our ducks.

Of course, they are on their own if they roam around your backyard freely. But it would be best to ensure that the lawn is free of pesticides or fertilizers.

What Are Dandelions Exactly?

Dandelions are flowering plants (family Asteraceae) native to Europe, Asia, and North America.

This weed is not toxic, so your ducks can eat dandelions without concerns.

However, it drives most gardeners crazy because it is almost impossible to kill this weed.

Dandelion seeds can fly more than 5 miles from the place where the plant is.

That means the neighbor trying to kill his dandelions is probably hating you as much as dandelions on your lawn.

Joking aside, ducks can actually help you with this problem. They will eat dandelion flowers, stems, seeds, everything…

This weed has three cycles:

  • Sun – yellow flower looks like Sun
  • Moon – white seed ball resembles the Moon
  • Stars – seeds resemble the Stars

It’s no wonder why ducks are attracted to this weed.

It would be best to leave them to enjoy eating these weeds, and you can be relaxed knowing that dandelions are not poisonous to ducks.

They can cheerfully be eating it every day.

Are Dandelions Safe for Ducks to Eat?

Dandelions are perfectly safe for ducks and any other animal.

Insects, butterflies, and birds consume the nectar, and chickens and ducks will eat the entire plant.

Every creature will find this plant delicious, so you can let your ducks enjoy eating dandelions all day.

Of course, you know that our quacking buddies won’t just eat grass; they are all over the place.

But if you notice them eating dandelions, you can relax. They are fine and delicious for them.

Dandelions Benefits for Ducks

Now, what exactly are the benefits of your ducks eating dandelions?

And do ducks like to eat dandelions in the first place? You bet they do!

What’s More – Dandelions are a great source of calcium necessary for laying ducks. The nutritional value doesn’t stop there.

This weed also contains vitamins (like A, B, C, and K), iron, potassium, zinc, and other necessary minerals your ducks need if you want your ducks to keep laying healthy and bright orange egg yolks.

Not only are dandelions nutritious, but they will also improve duck’s intestinal health, digestion, and more.

Preparation and How Much Is Enough?

Most people let their ducks eat dandelions in their backyards.

If that is not doable in your situation, you can pick dandelions where ever you find them.

Chop them nicely to help your ducks eat them more easily and digest them quickly.

Sometimes, I dry dandelions and lavender and mix them with their feed; sometimes, you can give them chopped dandelions in the water.

They will have tremendous fun that way.

Usually, a handful of dandelions per duck is enough. A bucket of dandelions will be enough if you have 15-20 ducks.

How About Dandelion Stems, Flowers, and Seed?

The entire dandelion is edible for ducks.

They can eat everything from the roots to stems, leaves, seeds, and flowers.

You don’t need to worry if you find them destroying dandelions in your backyard.

Are Dandelions Good for Ducklings?

Wondering if baby ducks can eat dandelions?

Well, for the first three or four weeks, for optimal health and growth of ducklings, you should not give baby ducks anything other than a nutritionally balanced commercial duckling feed.

After that, chop them nicely for ducklings four weeks old and older. You don’t want them to struggle with eating or digesting this weed.

Keep In Mind – If you chop them nicely, your duckling will eat them, digest them more quickly, and use all the nutrients.

Also, hand-feeding dandelion can help you bond with your ducklings. And that way, you can also control them not to overeat.

We must remember that the main staple in their diet should be commercial food for ducklings full of protein and niacin.

Only that will give them the precise nutrition they need in one day. Everything else should be given as an occasional snack.


During spring and summer, your ducks will enjoy eating dandelions, and you don’t need to stop them because dandelions are safe for your ducks.

Even if you don’t have this weed in your backyard, it’s fairly easy to find dandelions around, and you can pick and fill a bucket or two, depending on how many ducks you have.

You can also dry this weed and offer them in winter. They will love it!