Can Ducks Eat Goat Food?

In small amounts and occasionally, you can feed your ducks with goat food.

However, try not to make a habit of this.

A slightly higher salt percentage and a lower calcium level are not optimal for duck growth.

Also, goats are not eating meat, meaning their food is not for omnivores.

It is significantly higher in fiber that is not appropriate for duck’s needs.

What Goats Usually Eat?

Goat’s most common food is high-quality hay, grass, and grain.

That means a high percentage of crude fiber that ducks don’t need.

Goats also need supplements in the form of minerals, and growing and milking goats need concentrates.

If you buy commercial food for goats, you will notice there:

The problem might be an onion (ducks should avoid onions) in traces that can be mixed into food for goats, and there is no way you can find it or extract it.

Also, lots of chemicals today are integrated into all types of food.

Reasons to Avoid Feeding Ducks Goat Food

If you are giving your goats medicated food, you should avoid giving that type of food to your ducks.

Also, chances are the ducks are eating the moldy leftovers of goat food. You should avoid giving any molded food to your ducks.

Next, most people keep goats on their farms (or backyards) for milk and meat.

However, some people are keeping fiber goats, which are pretty lucrative.

I want to point out that many food types for goats will positively impact goat health, meat, and milk—however, some food focus on improving the quality of their fluffy coats.

The quality of meat and milk is out of the picture.

And like anything else today, chemicals in food will bring some improvements.

Goat fibers will be shinier and stronger, selling for a better price.

As a Result – Nobody knows what type of chemicals you can find in commercial food. So I wouldn’t risk giving my ducks any food that is not specially prepared for ducklings, laying ducks, or fully grown maintenance ducks. I hope you understand.

How Much Goat Food Can You Give to Your Ducks?

Goat food is well balanced for animals that need lots of fiber (around 12% or more), not so much calcium (approximately 1.5%), and 1% or more salt.

All the points mentioned are far from perfect for ducks.

Ducks need significantly less fiber (around 5%) and more calcium (3%-4%), and salt needs to be between 0.2% and 0.7%.

That being said, when feeding ducks relying solely on food for goats, you can be sure that that food won’t meet all the nutritional needs of your ducks.

Go Easy – If you still want to give them that food, add only 10-15% max and mix it with duck food. Try not to give them more than that.

Final Thoughts

Goats are not omnivores like ducks; their main diet is all about hay, plants, and grass.

Yes, ducks can occasionally eat goat food, which is plant-based; it’s full of vitamins and minerals.

However, there is way too much fiber, and the fat, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals ratio is not well balanced for ducks.

Calcium and niacin are not present in advisable amounts. Also, salt and fiber percentages are higher than you should give your ducks daily.