Can Ducks Eat Thyme?

Yes, ducks can enjoy thyme as part of their diet. These omnivores are naturally inclined to forage for greens, and thyme fits the bill perfectly.

While thyme is safe for ducks to consume, their dietary choices are often driven by taste.

Ducks tend to avoid plants with bitter or unpleasant flavors, so they might not actively seek out thyme if there are tastier options like leafy greens or tender weeds readily available.

In the context of your backyard, you most likely needn’t worry about your ducks becoming ravenous thyme thieves.

Unless food resources become scarce, they’ll likely focus on the tastier greens and weeds growing in your garden, allowing your thyme plants to flourish.

However, it’s always a good practice to be mindful of the plants in your duck’s environment and avoid introducing anything potentially toxic.