Can Ducks Eat Oats?

Ducks like eating oats, but you should limit the fiber your ducks consume.

Even though you can feed ducks oats, be sure only to give them mechanically processed oats (flattened) because they will digest it more quickly and absorb all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals they need.

Oats on black place on table
Ducks can eat oats

Plus, make sure you pour boiled water, cool it down, and then serve it to your ducks once or twice weekly.

Try not to overfeed your ducks with fiber-rich food. Also, avoid chemically processed oats with additives, flavors, and dried fruits full of sugar.

What Kind of Oats Can Ducks Eat?

You can feed ducks oats, and here are the most common types of oats you can find.

After that, we will cover some types of oats you should avoid giving to your ducks.

So, stay with us.

What you will learn:

  • Types of oats to avoid
  • Good oats for ducks
  • How to prepare
  • Feeding baby ducks

Raw Harvested Oats

Raw oats are what you get the first right after they are harvested—hard, probably with low moisture, and significantly much harder to digest.

Poultry in general has difficulties in digesting fiber. You don’t want to give ducks these before kernels are separated from the inedible hulls.

This might be one of the types to avoid, knowing that there are types of oats for ducks that are easy to digest and won’t build up in their stomach, causing a hard time digesting.

Whole Oat Groats

Whole oat groats or grain kernels are a better option because inedible hulls are removed, and these are cleaned.

It takes a longer time to cook these, probably 30+ minutes.

Giving the ducks raw whole oat groats can result in problems with digestion, especially if you spoiled your ducks like most of us.

Steel Cut Oats

If you were wondering if can ducks eat steel-cut oats, don’t worry.

These oats are great for ducks, even raw, but it is always better to cook them slightly before you feed your ducks.

Steel-cut oats get their name after the process they are getting through.

Metal blades are used to cut groats into a few pieces to make them easier to cook.

Can Ducks Eat Crimped Oats?

Crimped oats are just slightly flattened, and the husk is also removed.

Ducks can eat these, but the time needed for cooking these is longer, and if you serve them raw, they can digest them.

However, ducks will digest easier if you cook them beforehand.

An easier option for you could be completely flattened oats. They are also easier for your ducks to eat.

Can Ducks Eat Rolled Oats?

This is what your ducks will digest most easily.

Your ducks can eat rolled oats because you get these after they remove oat groats, steam them, and use rollers to make flat flakes.

This way, oats stay fresh longer, and you can cook them faster (usually only a few minutes). Your ducks will love them and won’t have problems with digesting.

They will also absorb all the nutrients much easier.

Again you don’t have to cook them, but always a good idea to pour water.

Heads Up! If ducks eat raw oats, they can build up in their stomach and make your ducks struggle with digestion.

Other Variations

Now, you can find rolled oats that are thinner and lighter, and these you can cook in just a minute.

Or even you can pour some boiled water.

You don’t need to cook them at all. And they will be ready for ducks after you cool them down.

The main goal is to avoid oats with:

  • chemicals
  • flavors
  • additives
  • and sugars

You will come across hundreds of different names and types of processed oats, and when I say processed, I mean mechanically and chemically processed.

Types of Oats to Avoid Giving to Ducks

All kinds of brands on the market will sell organic, old-fashioned oats, and you need to read labels to see if any chemicals, additives, or flavors are added.

Also avoid oats with honey, chocolate, and too much fruit.

In the perfect scenario, you want plain oats just rolled out and mechanically flattened without any chemical processing.

Avoid oats with fruits and vegetables because they are dried, chemically processed, and probably covered with sugar and additives.

Works Well – You should give your ducks only oats; if you want, add a few strawberries or pieces of banana to give them a better (natural) flavor.

Can Ducks Eat Uncooked Oatmeal?

You could give them raw if oats are mechanically flattened or cut (like rolled oats, steel cut oats).

However, oats will absorb water from the duck’s stomach after they eat.

Depending on how much ducks eat, the amount will build up in their stomach, resulting in digestion problems and, in extreme cases, constipation.

Rolled oats are perfect for ducks; you can cook them for a few minutes or pour boiled water. After they cool down and absorb moisture, serve to your ducks.

Health Benefits of Oats for Ducks

From 3.5oz (100 gr) of dry oats, your ducks will get:

  • protein (17gr)
  • fat (6.9gr)
  • fiber (10gr)
  • iron
  • manganese
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • calcium

This type of food is not so common for ducks, but it is full of fiber and antioxidants, which positively impact your ducks’ immune and digestive systems.

Ducks will build stronger muscles thanks to the high protein level.

Ducks don’t need to eat oats daily, and the main food they should be eating is duck feed pellets, fresh vegetables (greens), and occasionally fresh pesticide-free fruit.

How Much Oats Should Your Ducks Eat?

Once or twice per week, you can mix some oats with duck feed (max 20%).

Oats are fiber-rich, and ducks don’t need too much fiber in their everyday diet.

Omnivorous animals need meat-based protein and other vitamins, and minerals oats can’t provide them.

But occasionally, oats are fine to feed ducks.

Can Ducklings Eat Oatmeal?

Feeding the ducklings correctly is the most critical part of their life is necessary.

You want to grow strong ducklings with healthy bones, legs, and joints.

And feeding them starter feed for ducklings is the best way to give them all the necessary nutrients.

In case you wonder can baby ducks eat oats, here is what I suggest. Avoid giving your ducklings snacks, oats, and too many fruits in the first few weeks.

Some greens are okay, but avoid food with too much fiber (like oats) and sugar (like fruits).

But after they grow four weeks and older, you can start giving them once a week.

Keep In Mind – Even when you mix oats with their feed, make sure that oats should only make up 10 to 20% of the duckling’s diet.

Can Ducks Eat Quaker Oats?

These oats contain sugars and flavors, and we usually want to avoid giving them to ducks.

If you are buying commercial oats (no matter what brand), pay attention to labels to see if there are any sugar, salt, additives, or flavors.

All commercial oats have different ingredients, and you want to ensure there are no sugars that will negatively impact the development of your ducks and ducklings.

The solution is to buy plain steel cut or rolled oats with 0% sugar, cook them, or pour boiled water, and when they cool down, you can add a small amount of fruit to add some natural flavor.

Can Muscovy Ducks Eat Rolled Oats?

Muscovy ducks, like any other type of duck, will eat almost anything you give them.

They are omnivorous animals, meaning they will eat plant-based food, meat, insect, and more.

Muscovy ducks eat foraged food, but you can give them oats once a week.

Just to provide them with extra fiber and minerals. They won’t find oats easily foraging around.

However, don’t overfeed them; they still need to be motivated to graze around or eat regular duck food.

Final Thoughts

Once our loving feather friends have grown past the duckling stage, we can start feeding them food that is higher in fiber, but still, specially formulated duck food is a priority.

You can give oats to your ducks and occasionally mix it with duck’s feed or serve separately, but make sure that amount won’t exceed 20% of their daily diet.

Avoid feeding them oats with additives.

Ensure the oats are flattened, easy to digest, soaked in boiling water, and cooled down before serving.

These are the golden rules to follow when feeding ducks oats.

And I hope I have helped you a bit.