Can Ducks Eat Cat Food?

If you have ducks, chances are you’ve wondered what you can and can’t feed them. But can ducks eat cat food safely?

The answer is yes- but in moderation. Ducks, just like humans and other animals, have dietary needs that must be met for them to perform necessary functions such as grow feathers, lay eggs, and digest food.

Let’s take a look at what makes cat food good for ducks and what you should keep in mind when feeding your flock.

Can Ducks Eat Dry Cat Food?

There are two common types of commercial cat food:

  1. dry
  2. wet food

Dry cat food often comes in a bag and in small pellet form, similar to what a commercial duck food may look like.

Wet food often comes in a can or small container and is partially liquid.

Looking at the ingredients of dry cat food, it’s easy to see why some may consider this as an option for their backyard flock.

Ground meat, cereals, and vegetables are the main components of most cat foods.

These ingredients are full of protein, something ducks and cats alike require in a balanced diet.

For Example – Ducks can benefit from an extra boost of protein—a small portion of protein-rich cat food can temporarily increase feather growth and egg production.

The shell of a duck’s egg is strengthened the more protein it gets, so if your duck’s diet doesn’t include enough protein, a scoop of cat food just might help.

So yes, cats can eat dry cat food.

Can wild ducks eat cat food?

But what about wild ducks, or ducks that don’t live on a farm? Can wild ducks eat cat food?

Wild ducks can safely eat dry cat food and may even be able to eat more of it than backyard ducks.

Key Takeaway – You should avoid going out of your way to feed them cat food. There is little to no benefit in feeding a wild duck cat food.

Many wild ducks might not even attempt to eat cat food.

Can ducks eat wet cat food?

Unlike dry cat food, wet cat food is often made up of seafood and grains.

In nature ducks enjoy eating fish and benefit from this protein, so yes, ducks can eat wet cat food.

Can baby ducks eat cat food?

While grown ducks may enjoy a cat food snack every once in a while, growing ducklings should not be fed cat food until they are fully grown.

In Conclusion

Cat food is not a necessity for ducks with a balanced diet.

If you decide to feed the ducks cat food, it shouldn’t make up a significant portion of their diet.

It can be used as a treat to aid in feather production during molting or to strengthen eggshells that are prone to breaking easily.

Yes, ducks can eat cat food.

Still, remember that there are other components of a duck’s diet that cannot be met by cat food alone, so cat food should be an occasional treat instead of an everyday meal.