Can Ducks Eat Figs?

Yes, ducks can eat figs! In fact, they find ripe figs that have fallen to the ground to be a tasty treat.

Their omnivorous diet allows them to enjoy a variety of foods besides their usual grains and aquatic plants.

When feeding figs to ducks, its crucial to remember that too much fruit can throw off their diet balance.

So, its best to offer figs in moderation alongside other suitable foods like grains, greens, and insects.

  • Size matters: Foraging ducks prefer smaller pieces, so consider chopping larger figs into manageable portions. You can also mash or break them apart for easier consumption.
  • Treat, not a staple: Figs are sugary treats, so they should be given occasionally. Ducks main diet should consist of duck feed, vegetables, and fruits with lower sugar content. Figs should only make up a small part of their food intake.
  • Ripeness is key: Avoid feeding ducks unripe figs, as they can cause digestive issues due to higher levels of ficin, a latex substance. Stick to ripe figs that are soft and have begun to split open.